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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Make A Creation Story Paper Bag Book for Toddlers

Teo and I had so much fun making this Creation Story book. All the things we used are easily available.

First, I had to make the paper bag book. We have so much brown paper bags from the grocery that I decided to make books out of them. I followed this tutorial but decided to bind the paper bags straight in the middle instead of punching holes on the sides.

Like most, if not all toddlers, Teo’s attention span was short. So I searched through Pinterest and found this. Liz has so many great ideas for Bible activities for toddlers.

I used the wordings for our story from here.

I showed Teo how to tear paper but since he still needs to practice his fine motor skills (finger muscles), I put little tears on the bigger pieces of paper so he can just use his hands and fingers altogether. He enjoys sticking the paper more. I am amazed on how he puts the pieces into place. Such focus! (for a toddler!)

He likes squeezing the glue onto the paper too! Another way to refine those finger muscles.

I do the cutting of course. These are all prepared beforehand. Usually, during Teo's 1 and a half hour nap. 

putting glue onto a seaweed

I wrote the words on pieces of paper the glued them on their corresponding page. We're still doing mini lessons on The Creation Story like collecting things from nature and sorting them so we read our book a few times a week. Teo loves pointing at the shapes and pictures and really works hard on saying the names.

Day 5
 I hope this inspires you to make your own. We did this in roughly about two months and continue to enjoy reading it together.

Day 6. We ran out of light blue paper so we used Teo's blue finger painting.

Have you done a similar project? Please tell me about it. And if you have questions on how to make this, leave them in the comments.

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