• "Everything is a grace, everything is the direct effect of our Father's love—difficulties, contradictions, humiliations, all the soul's miseries, her burdens, her needs - everything, because through them, she learns humility, realizes her weakness - Everything is a grace because everything is God's gift. Whatever be the character of life or its unexpected events—to the heart that loves, all is well."
  • - St. Therese of Lisieux

Monday, February 6, 2017

Celebrating The Feast of St. Josephine Bakhita

We celebrate the feast day of St. Josephine Bakhita on February 8. She is the patroness of Sudan and of victims of slavery and human trafficking.

My aunt who is a Canossian nun, introduced St. Bakhita to me. I remember her giving me a couple of medals (on different occasions) and prayer cards. But it was only last year when I really became interested in knowing her.

When we attended a gathering at Canossa in Calamba a huge tarpaulin of St. Bakhita's picture was there in front of the stage. Our son, Teo was with us and so I too the opportunity to introduce him to the saint. So I pointed to her picture and told Teo a little about her life.

It was then that my heart was stirred and I realized that I could seek her intercession for our second adoption. 

And so I look to her now whenever I experience a little discomfort or physical pain; if I am not given much importance or any little suffering. She endured all those physical pain and humiliation and yet she had hope and optimism. I need that. The rest of the world needs that. That, and of course, Jesus.

Here are a few activities to do with young children at home to celebrate the feast of St. Josephine Bakhita.

1. Learn about her life story. Here are some resources:

2. Watch YouTube videos about her.

3. All while holding our newest member of wooden Saint dolls.

4. Pray for St. Josephine Bakhita's intercession. 

Novena to St. Josephine Bakhita - starts on January 31

Teo and I, and Tatay too, will be praying for those who do not know God. We will include this in our evening prayers. 

5. Open doors for everyone who comes in and out of the house. St. Josephine Bakhita worked as a door keeper at the convent of the Canossian Daughters of Charity. So we will welcome anybody who comes in and bless anybody who goes out of the door. And since we have our relatives from the US visiting, we will have a lot of people coming and going out the door! 

6. Coloring page. Teo is not much into coloring though. But we'll try doing this.

Download a PDF file here.
*for more coloring pages of the saints, click here.

Waltzing Matilda has a nice coloring page too.

You may want to try Catholic Playground's coloring page.

I hope you enjoy celebrating the feast of St. Josephine Bakhita!

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