Discovering Harmony in Homeschooling with the Charlotte Mason Planner

When I first started homeschooling my active kindergartener, I was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of planning required. As a former kindergarten teacher, I was used to having a structured curriculum handed to me, but homeschooling demanded a whole new level of organization and creativity. I needed a tool that could help me keep track of lessons, activities, and the ever-changing needs of my curious little boy. That’s when I created the Charlotte Mason Homeschool Planner, of course it did not look the way it is now - it was more like boxes, scribbles doodles and words and it transformed our homeschooling journey. The Charlotte Mason method resonated with me because of its focus on short, engaging lessons, nature study, and living books. But implementing this method effectively required careful planning, especially when balancing household chores, teaching, and caring for a sick old big dog. This planner (note book just then) became my lifeline, allowing me to create a seamless and nurt

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